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I started following Dai Manuel’s blog about a year ago. I don’t just read the blog, I actually follow his advice and I participate in his challenges. He is positive, informed, motivating and courageous. He doesn’t shy away from talking about anything. As a mom of 2, I never thought I would get my pre baby body back…but I did due to Dai’s fitness challenges.


I had met Dai through the Crossfit Open, and from following him on social media was immediately impressed by his outlook on life, positivity & ability to engage a large and diverse audience through fitness. He seemed an obvious choice for leading our leaders in their sweaty pursuits each morning. Dai came in for two morning workouts at our conference and absolutely rocked our world-Anyone can stand in front of a group of people at 6 am and make them do burpees; rarely can you find someone such as Dai who makes you actually enjoy the experience.